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If you believe you have an edge but are struggling to execute or stick to your plan it would be highly recommended trying various journal and record keeping methods to help you improve.

Creating a daily trading plan before your trading session should help you identify where, what and when you should be trading as part of your trading business and also tracking your mistakes or trading “demons” will certainly help you identify very quickly where you are going wrong.

Both of these documents can be found as templates for you to customise to your liking via Tom Dante’s website here, under the tools heading:

Once you have identified where you are going wrong the real work can start. How are you going to change or fix these demons? Perhaps try to journal each week:

  • What did I do well?
  • What did I do poorly?

Once you have those listed create practical tasks on how to improve in those areas. This can take some practice and creative thinking so don’t be shy to try all sorts of ideas to correct errors and further performance.

Of course you should have a full and complete trading business plan as well.. in case you don’t there is a free and basic template I created over on medium that can be found here:

If you think you might be gambling it’s probably wise you stop trading or at least take a break. If you find you cannot take a break or least take some days off you’ve probably identified you have a serious problem and you should ask someone for help.

Best of luck with the hardest game in the world.